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Large Ice Cube Tray 33 Grids

Large Ice Cube Tray 33 Grids


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Ideal for home bartenders, party hosts, and anyone who enjoys cold drinks on a hot day, our ice cube tray is a must-have kitchen accessory. Whether you're whipping up cocktails, iced teas, or refreshing smoothies, our ice cube tray ensures your beverages stay chilled without compromising flavor.

Product Highlights;

- Efficient Design

- Large Capacity

- Versatile Usage

- Stackable Design

- Easy to Clean


Introducing the Large Ice Cube Tray 33 Grids – the perfect addition to your kitchen for crafting refreshing beverages. Elevate your drink experience with this versatile ice cube tray, designed to create larger, long-lasting ice cubes. Packed with keywords like "ice cube tray," "cube ice tray," "cube ice cube tray," and "ice tray cube," this product stands out as a convenient and efficient solution for keeping your drinks cool.

This ice cube tray redefines the traditional ice-making experience, providing 33 large grids to produce perfectly sized cubes. The cube ice tray is not just functional; it's a game-changer for those who appreciate a well-chilled beverage without the hassle of frequent refills.

Crafted with flexibility, the Large Ice Cube Tray 33 Grids ensures easy removal of individual cubes, making it a user-friendly addition to your kitchen tools. The cube ice cube tray design allows quick and effortless access to your ice, minimizing the time spent waiting for your drinks to chill.

Whether hosting a gathering or enjoying a relaxing evening at home, this ice tray cube design caters to various occasions. The larger ice cubes melt slower, preventing the dilution of your favourite drinks and ensuring a consistently enjoyable sipping experience.

Upgrade your beverage game with the Large Ice Cube Tray 33 Grids – the ultimate ice cube tray that combines functionality with convenience. Say goodbye to small, quick-melting cubes and hello to a refreshing, long-lasting chill in every glass. Order this cube ice tray now and elevate your drink presentation with perfectly sized ice cubes for any occasion!


- Certification CE / EU,CIQ
- Eco-Friendly
- Material Plastic
- Cool and Creative Shapes
- Versatile Kitchen Tool
- Durable and High-Quality Design
- Perfect Gift for Kitchen Enthusiasts


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Walter Schneider

It's a tiny mold

Edyth Kulas

good, still haven’t used it

Susanna Zieme

Totally bad product, not recommended.

Seamus Runolfsson

They are smaller than I thought but they are fine, the ice is done well and it arrived earlier than expected.

Giuseppe Smith

Wonderful to put fruit infused ice balls.