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Luxe Paws™ Personalized Leather Dog Collar

Luxe Paws™ Personalized Leather Dog Collar


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Say goodbye to ordinary collars and hello to sophistication! Treat your pup to the Luxe Paws™ Personalized Leather Dog Collar – crafted with premium leather for durability and style. Personalize it for that extra special touch!

Introducing the Luxe Paws™ Personalized Leather Dog Collar - where timeless elegance meets personalized charm. Say goodbye to ordinary collars and welcome a touch of sophistication to your furry friend's ensemble. Crafted with premium leather, this collar offers durability and style, ensuring your pup stands out. Personalize it with your dog's name or contact information for that extra special touch. Elevate your pup's look and make walks stylish with Luxe Paws™!

- Leather Dog Collar - add style and durability to your dog's wardrobe with this classic accessory.

- Crafted from high-quality leather for a timeless and elegant look

- Adjustable sizing for a comfortable and secure fit for dogs of all breeds.

- Sturdy metal hardware for added durability and reliability.

- Invest in the Leather Dog Collar for a stylish and long-lasting accessory for your furry friend.

 After placing your order, expect an email within 1 business day to discuss customization details tailored to your preferences. Alternatively, you can also send your customization details directly to  


Introducing LuxePaws™ Personalized Leather Dog Collar – where sophistication meets personalized style for your beloved canine companion. Elevate your dog's fashion game with this meticulously crafted leather collar that not only exudes luxury but also provides a unique touch tailored to your pet's identity.

Dog Collar: LuxePaws™ offers a collection of personalized leather dog collars designed to make a statement. Each collar is carefully crafted from premium leather, ensuring durability and comfort for your furry friend. This collection is more than an accessory; it symbolises your pet's unique personality.

A Dog Collar: Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with LuxePaws™ Personalized Leather Dog Collar. Choose from various sizes and colours to suit your dog's individuality. The personalized touch adds an extra layer of charm, making this collar a true reflection of your affection for your furry companion.

Dog with Collar: Watch your dog exude confidence and style with a LuxePaws™ leather collar. The personalized details and the high-quality leather create a comfortable and stylish accessory for everyday wear. Ensure your dog walks proudly, displaying a collar that stands out in any crowd.

Bark Collar: While LuxePaws™ focuses on fashion, it also recognizes the importance of functionality. The collar is designed to ensure a comfortable fit while providing a secure restraint. This ensures a stylish accessory and a functional bark collar, addressing specific needs with a touch of elegance.

Elevate your dog's fashion statement with LuxePaws™ Personalized Leather Dog Collar. The combination of luxurious materials and personalized details creates an accessory that celebrates the uniqueness of your furry friend. Make a style statement while prioritizing comfort, and order your LuxePaws™ collar now for a personalized touch of luxury in your pet's wardrobe.


- Material: Leather
- Customizable
- Personalized Elegance
- Soft and Padded Comfort
- Secure ID Engraving
- Adjustable for All Sizes


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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Dimitri Hermann

The leash looks good quality I bought for a mastiff breed dog, so I hope it's strong... Shipping much faster than I expected. Recommended seller.

Toni Ruecker

all ok

Shanna Renner

Very cool. The engraving is exactly the same as ordered. Inside the collar is very soft. All stitched completely. In general, just gorgeous. For a dog boxer, about 60 cm they took XL. Fit perfectly.

Jacklyn Bosco

very nice product, i recommand it for the quality. good seller. 6 stars

Autumn Jones

Amazing quality, I love it for my dog